Spend Cash On Store Production Slots To Get Better Result In Simcity Buildit

Money is the primary thing that you need to play Simcity Buildit. You have to manage it nicely and spend it only on those items which you need and sell off those which are lying unused. This way you can get some extra cash as well. It is true that you will be given fifty Simcash free at the beginning of the game. But that will not suffice for the advancement in the game. You will have to generate more. You can increase your cash in hand by paying for those when you use the in-app purchases.

If you have more cash, you can speed up the various processes of building and upgrading. But remember that it is not the best way to spend your cash in Simcity Buildit game. The best and most effective way to spend your cash is when you expand the store production slots. When you have more slots, you will not have to refill them often, and at the same time, you can be more productive regarding manufacturing the required items. When you have a store full of such materials and feel that some of these materials are not necessary, you can sell them off in the Trade Depot and earn some extra cash.

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There is another easy and simple way to increase cash reserve as well. You can use the simcity buildit cheats to generate unlimited Simcash. Use these soft currencies to expand the slots of your factories by building bigger factories. But this is only possible after you surpass some levels in the game and reach to higher levels. So, you must reach a certain level to build bigger factories and produce more items which are required to build and upgrade buildings.

Therefore, for the expansion of stores and factories, you will need Simcash and Simoleons respectively and there is no other way to do it. So, you must spend the most of it, if not all, for this purpose. You may want to upgrade your residential buildings too early or build too many new residential buildings to accommodate more people, but that is the wrong approach in playing Simcity Buildit. This erroneous approach will result in spending more money as you will also have to build various service buildings like fire, police, and health simultaneously.

When you have built a lot of residential buildings and did not have enough cash to build the service buildings along with it, your unhappy citizens will start leaving your city and more and more buildings will be abandoned. So, you have to be patient and wait till the time you reach a certain level of Simcity Buildit game and have enough cash in hand to build the required service buildings. Till then you can manufacture items and sell them off to earn extra cash. Just choose the item which is necessary for the people and will easily sell off. For example, if you manufacture chairs or produce fruits and vegetable, you can earn a lot of money by playing the game for some time.

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