Ghost Recon: Phantoms: A Promising Departure from Pay-to-Win

Ghost Recon Phantoms is the latest in the Tom Clancy series, this time with the Free to Play Model and an instant download. When you start, you will be able to choose from 3 Classes, Assault, Recon and Support, with each class having the ability to use 2 technological devices that allow you to provide tactical support to your teammates. …

General: MMOs Discover Collaboration’s the Key to Success

General: This Weekend Easter Festivities Abound

Springtime means only one thing in MMO terms – Easter-themed activities. This weekend, our favorite MMOs have made sure we’ll have fun things to do once the colored eggs are all found and the chocolate bunnies are all eaten.


Elder Scrolls Online: Dupe Bug Forces Bethesda to Take Guild Bank Offline

The Elder Scrolls Online ran into a major stumbling block this week in the form of a bug that allows players to repeatedly copy and sell items. Rumor has it the bug was reported during beta but was never addressed, and players are fearful that Bethesda will have to take drastic measures to contain it. Thus far, the company has …

Infinite Crisis: Ryan Bednar on All Things Infinite Crisis

Turbine was out in force at this year’s PAX East. The team was showing off its latest project, Infinite Crisis, a new F2P MOBA based on the DC Comics multiverse. We had a chance to sit down with lead designer Ryan Bednar at the show and pick his brain on all things Infinite Crisis.


World of Warcraft: Azeroth Choppers Debuts

A new venture between Blizzard Entertainment and motorcycle legend Paul Jr. has resulted in a web series called Azeroth Choppers. Team Alliance, led by Chris Metzen, and Team Horde, led by Sam Didier, are charged with faithfully recreating World of Warcraft bikes during the ongoing series.


General: God of Destiny – English Version In Production

The God of Destiny MOBA is now in production for English-language speakers with the Chinese version headed for beta in the coming months. The team has released some new information about some of the more unique aspects of the title and the team behind it.


Elder Scrolls Online: Adventure Zones as End Game

End Game, those two little words can spark major debates. What exactly constitute as "End Game" content? Is End Game content in a MMO raiding, clearing high tier level content, receive epic items as a reward? Or is it just added quest and story arcs that progress the overall game timeline? Perhaps it is Tri-Realm PvP content. Whatever you consider …

Dragon Fin Soup: KickStarter Campaign Ends Successfully

Dragon Fin Soup is now a fully funded project for the Grimm Bros. The KickStarter campaign has successfully completed funding the indie-RPG at 500% of the original goal.


Child of Light: Exploring the World of Lemuria

As the April 30th release date for Child of Light nears, Ubisoft entices fans and potential players with a brand new video that centers around the game’s world, Lemuria.



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