Dragon Fin Soup: KickStarter Campaign Ends Successfully

Dragon Fin Soup is now a fully funded project for the Grimm Bros. The KickStarter campaign has successfully completed funding the indie-RPG at 500% of the original goal.


Child of Light: Exploring the World of Lemuria

As the April 30th release date for Child of Light nears, Ubisoft entices fans and potential players with a brand new video that centers around the game’s world, Lemuria.


Shroud of the Avatar: Update of the Avatar #68 – Anniversary Recap

The Shroud of the Avatar celebrated its one year anniversary with a telethon, raising more than ,000 to be spent on new content. Update #68 will feature a slew of new enhancements.


General: PAX East Feature Trailer

The Heroes of the Storm team has taken its unique entry into the MOBA space to PAX East. To give players a bird’s eye view of what they can expect, a new Heroes of the Storm features trailer has been released. Check it out!


ArcheAge: Latest Team Live Stream Features a World Tour

Trion Worlds has put its ArcheAge team to work in a brand new ArcheAge live stream. This time, the AA team takes viewers on a virtual world tour that includes several locations around the game world.


Ghost Recon: Phantoms: Now Available on PC & Steam

Ubisoft has announced that Ghost Recon: Phantoms has officially been released for PC and is also available on the Steam gaming portal. The game has undergone significant changes including a name change based on player input.


General: H1Z1 Explained in Letter from Smed

John Smedley has sent out a letter to give more insight into Sony Online Entertainment’s newly-announced zombie MMO, H1Z1. Here it is in its entirety.


ArcheAge: Feature Preview – Housing & Farms

In addition to today’s posting of the prelude to the ArcheAge game lore, Trion has also published a brand new ‘feature preview’ that deals with housing and farms. The article gives players a look at the types of property available, gives players tips on how to secure the plot of land they want along with attendant costs, and the construction …

Black Desert: CBT 2 Character Creation Video Amazes

Steparu.com has posted a new character creation video from the Black Desert closed beta phase two. It’s an amazing creation feature that you won’t want to miss. Check it out and let us know what you think!


Ghost Recon: Phantoms: New Phantoms Dev Vlogs Detail The Journey

As Ghost Recon Online has started its evolution into Ghost Recon: Phantoms, the development team has posted a pair of developer video diaries to outline the process of change. The series will go into further detail about all of the forthcoming changes and will last for eight episodes.



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