Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: Season Pass and Pre-Seeding Info

Gearbox and 2K announced they plan to release four add-on packs for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for .99. This Season Pass gives PC, PSN and Xbox LIVE players all four packs. Shock Drop Slaughter Pit bonus content is not part of the Season Pass, but gamers can get it by pre-ordering Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


ArcheAge: Launch is Coming, At Long Last

ArcheAge is not exactly unknown around these parts, but to much of the larger gaming world XLGAMES’ and Trion’s ArcheAge still has a lot to prove. And the time has finally come to do so. We met up with the team at PAX Prime in Seattle to discuss the forthcoming launch of the long-awaited sandbox MMORPG.


ArcheAge: Open Beta & Retail Release News

Trion Worlds has announced that ArcheAge will enter open beta which will run from September 4th through September 8th. Best of all, the game will hit official retail release on September 16th, with the Founder’s head start kicking off on September 12th.


General: PAX Events: Ember, Wargaming, Tome & The Witcher 3

Many games will be on hand during this weekend’s PAX Prime in Seattle. We have received word that players can check out a hands on demo of the action RPG, Ember, see a developer led demo of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and, lastly, check out the Season 4 Finals for World of Tanks.


Gauntlet: Release Revised to September 23rd

Citing the need to fine tune Gauntlet for multiplayer goodness, Warner Bros. Interactive has announced that its reimagined Gauntlet will be arriving on September 23rd.


WildStar: Jeremy Gaffney Stepping Down as Carbine President

In a new and lengthy post on the Wildstar forums, Carbine Studios’ Jeremy Gaffney has announced that he is stepping down as the company’s president and will be taking on more of an advisory position within the studio and, as he says, perhaps elsewhere in the industry at a later point.


Warhammer 40.000: Eternal Crusade: Space Marines – The Emperor’s Chosen

World of Warcraft: The Ramp Up to Warlords

This week I geek out over the new Warlords cinematic, we check out the new Lords of War animated series and inspect the goodies in the Warlords Collector’s edition.


Destiny: Bungie’s Online Shooter Goes Gold

Legend of Silkroad: Launch Date Set For August 27th

Korean publisher JC Planet Co. this week announced the official launch of Legend of Silkroad, an MMO based on the three-way struggle for dominance of the "legendary" Silk Road. The battle rages among three powerful kingdoms: China, Persia and Rome, all of which know that control of a certain type of Magic Stone means dominance not only over the realm …


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