Battlecry: Interview With Design Director Lucas Davis

At QuakeCon, I had the chance to speak with Lucas Davis, Design Director of BattleCry Studios, and the driving force behind the studio’s premiere game, the arena brawler BattleCry.


Shroud of the Avatar: Release 8 – Good Old Ultraviolance

I rolled into Austin beneath dark and water-laden skies last week to see what the guys at Portalarium were cooking up for Release 8 of their Shroud of the Avatar. Thunder rocked the sky as I stepped from my truck and turned to see lightning striking across the menacingly named Greystone Building. The drama of the moment seems appropriate in …

General: Preview – Il-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad

MMOs are among the most intimidating genres for entry-level gamers, second only perhaps, to flight simulators. Mash the two concepts together and you’ve got one heckuva scary-sounding game–well, not really, but that’s the impression many people have–one the fanatic flyboys at 1C Game Studios are hoping to dispel with their new-player-focused flight sim, Il-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad.


Transformers Universe: Beta Cash Prize Winners Announced

Earlier this month, Transformers Universe celebrated a pair of open beta weekends. During each weekend, players were invited to climb to the top of the leaderboards to grab a share of the ,000 prize pool. Today, Jagex announced the winners, each taking home ,000, ,500 or 0 depending on placement on the leaderboard.


ArcheAge: First Beta Event Kicks Off

Trion Worlds has announced the commencement of the first closed beta event for ArcheAge. The CBT will run from today through Monday, July 21st. In addition to the news of the closed beta start, Trion also announced that over a million players have signed up for the opportunity to test out the highly-anticipated title.


Guild Wars 2: Points of Interest #3 Coming This Friday with Bill Murphy!

Our own Bill Murphy will be joining ArenaNet’s Kate Welch, writer Peter Fries, environment artist Tami Foote, and Environment Design Specialist Josh Foreman for Episode 3 of Guild Wars 2 – Points of Interest. Episode three will be released this Friday, July 18th! We’ll keep you posted!


General: Shadowbound Gift Key Giveaway! has partnered with Reality Squared Games to bring you a cool new gift key offer for their latest MMORPG offering – Shadowbound! Each gift key will give you thousands of free gold, gems and more. Get your key now!


Mass Effect 4: Bioware Looking for Input Via Survey

Bioware’s Mike Gamble has posted a link on his Twitter account asking fans of the Mass Effect franchise to complete a short survey to "help us make the next Mass Effect game the best one yet". The survey asks players to identify games they have and are playing as well as their favorite aspects of the games they play.


Firefall: Just How Much Has Changed for Launch? A Lot.

If your first reaction to reading the title of this article was, "Wait, Firefall hasn’t been released yet?" I don’t think anyone would blame you. Originally announced way back in 2010, this MMO shooter has been struggling for the past few years to finally grasp hold of its original vision. From the overly convoluted original progression system, to a hampered …

General: Rainbow Saga Reveals Classes

Hong Kong-based publisher NGames will "soon" be adding to its considerable stable of free-to-play online games with the upcoming arcade style MMO, Rainbow Saga. This week the company revealed three playable classes from the cartoony fantasy RPG.



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